OutLoud EP Release!!

22 Oct

We are very proud to announce that our first EP, OutLoud, was released today! You can find it on all major online retailers (iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Google Play, etc.), as well as our website www.allyandchrismusic.com. We will also have download cards and physical copies available for purchase in the near future!

Thank you for your support, encouragement, and love!! ❤


OutLoud Preview: Sunday Morning!

19 Oct

Here is a preview of one of the tracks off of our forthcoming EP, OutLoud, due out this coming Tuesday, October 22.

“Sunday Morning” is the fourth & final track on the EP. It is a cover of the Maroon 5 hit song written by Adam Levine & Jesse Carmichael. Ally & Chris reinvent the song with an upbeat funky groove that brings to mind classic 1960s southern soul. The song features Allyson Rogers on vocals, Chris Richter on acoustic guitar & harmonica, Anthony Celia on organ, guitar, bass, & percussion, & Perry Celia on drums.  We hope you enjoy!

When Gallery Receptions & Quinceaneras collide…

10 Oct

Once upon a time when I was a teenager, I don’t recall “sweet sixteen” birthday parties being the enormous deals that they seem to be now (of course, maybe they were & I just wasn’t popular enough to get invited to the big celebrations), but it seems like over the last decade their has been a gradual societal change & now the average 16 year old girl’s birthday party seems to take on the same level of opulence as that of a Mideast oil sheik’s.  On October 5th, Ally & I got an-almost-first-hand taste of this when we played at the Visual Arts Guild of Frisco’s fall show.

You see, the VAGF show took place in the Frisco Discovery Center.  I’ve played classical guitar at VAGF events in the past & had never noticed there was a large hall just beyond the gallery area, as it has always been closed off & unoccupied.  Not so tonight. I first realized something was amiss when I drove up & noticed a rather full parking lot, which came as a surprise since I was an hour early for the show (and led to a momentary panic when I thought I maybe had written down the wrong time for the show & was running late).  Then when I noticed teenagers milling about in the gallery area looking dressed up enough for a prom, I definitely knew we were going to be in for an unusual night.  It didn’t take long to find out the hall beyond the gallery was booked for a Quinceranera. 

Ally & I got set up & then took some time to admire the excellent artwork present for the fall show.  At 7, we got started playing & for a time everything seemed to go fine.  But of course, any special occasion needs music to dance to & it wasn’t long before we found ourselves competing with a DJ providing loud dance music for the partygoers in the next room.  Suffice it to say, even with the doors to the hall closed, soft, acoustic music really can’t compete with a DJ playing pop hits on a purely decibel level.  By 8 p.m.,  on our cover of Don’t Stop Believin’, I could barely even hear myself play the opening guitar arpeggio for the song & I doubt any of the gallery-goers could hear it at all.  Fortunately, then it came time for the host of the event, Leon, to announce the winners of the best-in-shows for the evening.  After that, we mutually agreed it was probably best to cut short our performance (we were originally scheduled to play until 9).

So from a purely performance standpoint, it was hardly a watershed evening for us, but at least we got to see some really good artwork, which you can see it for yourself until November 3 at 8004 Dallas Parkway in Frisco!


OutLoud EP Announcement!

5 Oct

OutLoud EP Announcement!

The wait is over! Mark your calendars because Ally & Chris will be releasing their very first EP, Outloud, on Oct. 22, 2013!

OutLoud will be available on iTunes, Amazon, etc. More details will be released as Oct. 22 draws near!

Thank you for your continued support ❤

Ally & Chris at Oktoberfest in McKinney: Plenty of street fighting & injuries; not much parking

1 Oct


Saturday night, the newly-redheaded Ally & I played downtown McKinney at The Pantry restaurant as part of their annual Oktoberfest celebration.  We had a really good time (aside from one very unfortunate injury, detailed below), & it was certainly fun to get to play during such a big event for the city!  Thank you so much to all of those of you who were able to make it out to come & see us play!

I’ve been downtown in McKinney during various events before, so I knew going in the logistical nightmares parking would present.  I was lucky enough to find parking right behind the venue…unfortunately, there was a fence blocking access to the alley with a side door to The Pantry, which in effect meant I had to lug an incredibly heavy amplifer around seemingly half of McKinney in order to finally find a way to get access to the restaurant.  The officer stationed in front of the alley, though, was kind enough to let me cut through after that & I imagine I must have looked pretty bad-ass to the teenagers hanging out behind back of The Pantry who weren’t privy to my conversation with the cop & assumed I was stickin’ it to the man by cutting through.

After having set up & eaten dinner (for free, too!), we got started with our set in typical fashion, leading off with our very own song “Remember Me”, followed by a cover of Maroon 5’s “Sunday Morning”, &, after a quick switch of guitars, another original (“All I Need”).  Not coincidently, these three songs will be on our upcoming EP to be released in October (along with “Lovin’ Her”, which occupied a spot right in the center of our set).  Our hour long performance went well, but for two incidents:

First, during our cover of Oasis’s “Wonderwall”, a very loud argument occured just outside the restaurant.  The doors were open & we were set up right at the front, so although we couldn’t hear exactly what the confrontation was about, we could certainly hear two male voices screaming at one another for several minutes (it doesn’t help matters that our cover of “Wonderwall” starts very softly with fingerpicked acoustics more in line with Ryan Adams’s cover of the song than the Oasis original).

Remember before when I mentioned an injury?  Now I’m not sure how to correctly describe this, but toward the end of our set, the mic stand Ally uses kind of slipped or retracted in…and caught Ally on her hand, pinching it quite badly.  I only became aware of this afterward when she showed me the giant mark where it happened.  However, even as it occured, Ally did not miss a note! I’m sure even the guys picking fights on the sidewalk outside wouldn’t have wanted to mess with someone that tough. 🙂


Shhh…it’s a SURPRISE!

28 Sep

Shhh...it's a SURPRISE!

Big things are in the works in the world of Ally and Chris! We have surprises galore, including the title and cover of our FIRST EP which will be released in mid-October! Stay posted for the reveal!


Welcome to the new blog for Ally and Chris!

25 Sep

Welcome to the new blog for Ally and Chris!